• Burdin Chiropractic

    Burdin Chiropractic

    Welcome to Advanced Practice Family Clinic. APFC is owned by Brad Burdin, DC, DACNB, RN, NP-C, FNP, who has both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Nursing, practices as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in collaboration with Family Physician Shawn Jenkins, DO. J. Michael Freiberg, MD (internal medicine and endocrinology) serves as an alternate

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  • Hot mind-body trick

    Hot mind-body trick

    Your powers of make-believe can help you control cravings, get motivated to work out, and even improve your vision, according to several recent studies. “If you imagine an experience, the brain stimulates itself in the same way as if you were doing it,” says Joachim Vosgerau, co-director of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research at

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